HI, friend. 

Let's jump in. I believe that you are brave enough to see the beauty and hilarity and excitement in your ordinary days. I know without the shadow of a doubt that your routine life is actually anything-but-routine, because it's yours. And you've been hoping for someone to get it, for someone to SEE that and show you... but maybe you didn't know it was out there. 

I'm a mama too. This morning, as I tried to reheat my coffee for the umpteenth time and decide whether I should put on real clothes - my kid fell down and howled as if he had been mortally wounded. Needless to say, I drank my coffee cold today. 

My husband and I joke about "This is why we can't have nice things", because these kids. Spilled coffee, wrecked carpet, sticky floors, and gray hairs. 

But also? Heart-squeezing moments of tenderness as those chubby arms wrap around for a hug. Overwhelming moments of joy-turned-vulnerability as I watch our big kid help and comfort his younger brother. The brilliant points of light in our normal, regular lives. 

Lightning round of alex facts

  • I can hold entire conversations in quotes from The Office.

  • And actually - I often spout quotes from all sorts of stuff, all the time. Be warned.

  • Dad-jokes and puns make me giggle - every time. I'm a dork, absolutely.

  • Earlier this year, I read 7,500 pages in 41 days. (Ahem. Outlander. Ahem.)

  • It's been confirmed - I can't resist a high five.

  • Apparently I'm a millennial... but mostly I feel old and like that has to be a mistake.

  • I have a weird love for chores that show visual progress. Think: vacuuming, squeegeeing, power washing... it's weird, but I'm going with it.

coffee_stain18 copy.png
family photo-2.jpg

So that's me. That's us. A hopefully-getting-better hot mess as our oldest starts kindergarten (please tell me it gets easier?!) and we get closer to potty training our youngest. (Interestingly, that deadline keeps getting pushed back... )

Let me show you why your normal is so freaking awesome.