So - what are we talking about?

Your real life, photographed.

No special outfits. No props. No posing. 

Because when we let real life happen, we see amazing things. Hilarity. Tenderness. Love. We're able to be ourselves, let down our guard. And those moments move us like nothing else can. They're the images that make us think - "I can't believe someone else saw that too!" 

Your photographs become breadcrumbs - leading you back through the years to just what it felt like to have the kids piled on you in a tickle fight. How the dolma smelled as you worked together with your daughters to prepare for the new year. What your grandfather's workshop looked like until he passed away shortly before his 92nd birthday, paradoxically crammed full and meticulously organized.

Knowing that as the kids grow, you move into and out of houses, and loved ones pass away... our photos are all we have left to open that window of memory. 

Before the session

We'll talk first, to decide on a date and get to know a little more about what is driving your excitement for this session. We want to feel comfortable with each other, so I'll ask you to answer some questions - and of course I'll answer all of yours. 

During the session

Think of me as a super-observant visitor to your day. Whatever you guys decide to do, I'll be there to make photos of you doing what you do best: living your life. There's nothing too big or too small - there's no judgment or expectations from me. You're the captain - I get to tow along in your wake. 

After the Session

I'll edit the very best photos from our day together, and prepare a gallery for you to view and download your images. We can also talk super-sweet products if you're into putting your family on your walls or albums in their hands.