You've got Qs. I've got As. 

(And psst - There's no such thing as a dumb question.) 


what if we don't do anything exciting? 

If you are human, and you are a family - you are ridiculously exciting. Every session and every family is different. That's one of my favorite parts - getting to show you the best parts of what you do every day.

Some families decide they want me to document their normal, every day. All those unseen-but-powerful moments - brought forward to become a time capsule after your littles become big.

Other families have specific traditions or routines they want to include in their session. The best part is - you get to make it what you want - and every bit of it is just right. 

What do we wear? 

This is one of the bonuses - you get to wear whatever you want. The kids can dress themselves. The parents can be comfortable. Think about what you are going to do for the day - and wear those things. 

How long is the session? 

Such a great question. We need trust to make great photos. Trust takes time. So let's spend some time together. Based on my experience, I offer half day and full day sessions, to give us a chance to shake out any just-met-you awkwardness, let the kiddos get used to me, and reduce stress. (I also offer Hourly Documentary sessions for awesome folks - let's talk more if you are curious!) 

What if the kids flip out? 

Well - you don't stop parenting during tantrums. Like me, you're stuck in the middle as Mom or Dad whether the kids are perfectly-scrubbed and smiling... or covered in mud and/or screaming. (Usually kids are thrilled when they're covered in mud, but you know what I'm saying.) And since I'm a mama too,  I get it. I just got to football-carry my 2.5 year old from the daycare to the car on Friday because he Would. Not. Listen. Another mama was just cracking up as I hauled him to the car because: we've been there. Solidarity, parents. I get you. 

What did I Miss?

Let me know. I want you to have all the answers you need to be fully STOKED about your session.