Modern Motherhood Session

At least twice a year, my photography colleague/partner/bestie/friend (Lindsey, I don't know what to call you - ha!) and I hold a collaborative event, where we offer sessions with images taken by each one of us in two settings. This spring, we held a lifestyle + bath event, which was so much fun. We alternated photographing the lifestyle and bath portions, and mamas chose which bath type would be the best for their littles (milk, herbal, or bubble). Since no one had to worry about cleaning their house or the splashes in the bathroom, we all had so much darn fun! 

Our first session was with the beautiful Amy of Sticky Mango Photos. We were so lucky to work with several photographers, which is a unique honor. 

Amy brought her three kiddos, and we had so much fun relaxing together, eating snacks, and just being friends (with cameras).