geeking out: the nikon D7100

the new 'flagship' DX format camera from nikon... definitely drool-worthy. i decided to take it out for a spin (renting a body from the excellent tempe camera) this week. it was just the ticket to kickstart my passion for photography. after having my son in april, i hadn't really jumped back into shooting.

good news? the passion is still definitely there. more good news? i'm not waddling nearly as much during a shoot as when i was still pregnant. bad news? it will be some time before i can scratch up the dough to purchase this fantastic camera.

today was my last day to play with the camera, and i sent out a last-minute call for models. (i had already shot nearly 200 photos of my newborn son, and nearly as many as the dog. i needed new faces!) luckily, a previous client and her daughter were available to come meet me so i could get in some practice before returning the camera.

and let me tell you: what a camera this is! with only two days to play with it, i had to make the most. i shot some comparison photos between my current D3100 and the D7100 (whew, those will be posted soon), and i was completely impressed by the D7100's quality. definitely made me eager to jump back in!

thank you again, laura and audrey!

here's a few of my favorites: