Jayce's Newborn Session

oh, newborns. i’ve been incredibly lucky recently – 3 friends have had babies since January. all of them are first borns! (there must have been something in the water in 2011…) i had the pleasure of photographing Madelyn first. then came Bentley. 

finally, little Jayce arrived. now, Jayce and i already share a unique connection: his mama and i have known each other since middle school. we attended high school together, went to the same college (toga party, anyone?), and continued our friendship across vast distances. we celebrated our marriages in the summer of 2010, and i couldn’t believe the joy i felt when steph announced her pregnancy last summer. we did yoga together, went on met up for maternity photos and generally did our best to keep each other sane. but it honestly didn’t hit me – that my oldest (meaning long-term people; she's only a day older than me!) girlfriend was having a baby – until i arrived at the hospital. 


and not only did i get to meet him at the hospital, i had a chance to catch up with him at 6 days old.

then at 10 days old.

and the best part? i can watch him grow and become a little man. (i’ve already adopted him as my nephew. steph is aware. don’t be alarmed.)

congratulations again, narry family. your little family is growing up, and i’m so excited for you.