... to me. 

i realized as i was putting together this blog that there would be an intersection of personal posting with my photography. this led to a crushing sense of stagefright – i was completely convinced that i couldn’t say anything personal, that this blog had to be strictly business. but it turns out, that’s not me. even in business, there’s lots of me that gets woven in. (this could be good or bad, but i’ll leave that discussion for another day.) plus, my photography is intensely personal. i want to uncover the real person in front of my lens. to do that, i need to open up, get goofy, be myself. my blog should follow suit.

let me introduce myself. my name is alex. i love my full name, but since i can remember, i’ve been alex. sometimes al. i'm a nerd. nice to meet you!

nov 2010, our reception. oh look! it's a nerd!
 our lovely photographer: shelly from ivy studios. 

i love coffee, driving, reading, the smell of freshly mown grass, hosting dinner parties, receiving real mail and being outdoors. i'm a native phoenician (so is my husband). i earned my degree in elementary education and then transitioned to a career in finance. 

i’m coming up on my 2 year anniversary to the most amazing man – my husband, alan. he’s fantastically supportive and has been a driving force behind my marketing and continues to encourage me to stretch further. i can’t believe it’s already been two years since we exchanged vows. we’ve grown a lot since that day, and i’m so grateful to spend every day with him.

date night; april 2012; phoenix art museum 

and of course: the hound dog. zoey. z. z-tejas. zoh. the ever-amazing pup. we call her many things. mostly whatever we make up on the spot that starts with ‘z’, rhymes with ‘zoey’ or has any connection to the fact she’s a dog. she joined our family back in june of 2011… i can’t believe it hasn’t even been a year!!! 

you'll see a lot of zoey here. she's great practice... and too cute for words.
she’s definitely brought new layers to our life... constant-hilarity. what? she likes attention, okay?

i’ve enjoyed taking photos for a long time. my enjoyment smoldered, then burst into full-on passion at the beginning of 2011. i can’t stop thinking about photography, and i’ve been super lucky to integrate it into my life. i hope we have a chance to work together!

so that's me. that's better. now we can really get started.