My name is Alex, and I want to show you the honest beauty of your family’s everyday moments.

I've had the pleasure of photographing hundreds of families. Session after session, the images that light me up & inspire me show the authentic bonds and emotions between people - and in particular, parents & children.

It's not the "cheese!" smiles, or the perfectly coordinated outfits, or everyone smiling into the camera at once.

It's the in-between moments that truly capture life as we live it.

My sons are almost-5 years old and 2. I’m right next to you, desperately needing another cup of coffee, probably either in sweatpants or wishing I was, and wondering if I’m messing all of this up. This whole being a mother/wife/friend/woman/adult (ha).

But in the middle of the exhaustion, tears, tantrums, and struggle… there’s incredible beauty. It takes a patience you never knew you had. A strength you didn’t know was within you. And a willingness to show yourself grace, day after day. We might mess up, but we keep showing up, and doing the best we can. These moments are layered together in your family’s unique foundation.

  These images are of me and my sons from our own family documentary session, photographed by Rebecca Walsh. 

These images are of me and my sons from our own family documentary session, photographed by Rebecca Walsh. 

You want to honor these special moments for yourself and your family. Capturing these details helps you see not just the what you do day after day, but the why.

My own experience with a documentary photographer reinforced just how important this work is. It’s taking a leap away from a traditional photo session, and allowing yourself to marvel at your own authentic, beautiful life. From the ordinary moments like bathtime, to the wondrous adventures like hiking in the mountains or exploring a museum - every bit of what you have created as a family is worth documenting.

What is family documentary photography? 

It's capturing your life, honestly and authentically, without your photographer interfering to pose or direct your movements.

My goal is to create a series of images that tell your story. While I'm not influencing you or the scene, the pictures taken are intentional and deliberate from my perspective as your photographer. 

Basically: we get to hang out together, have a good time, and capture the moments that make your family so unique. 

Want to read more? This article has been a huge source of inspiration for me as I've designed my new offerings. 

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